Healing Vacations

What if you could enjoy the beauty and serenity that is Hawaii and could also have an amazing healing journey? Alakea Healing Retreat is the place to visit. If you are experiencing emotional, physical, mental or spiritual issues in your life, you can take the first steps to transforming your life.

Experience a healing intensive of mind, body, and spirit, blending multiple modalities with advanced practitioners. Basic package starts at $2200 per person per week.* Extras include Kahuna healing, detox, and more. Dolphin boat trips and volcano excursions are available. 

Basic Healing Package:

  • 7 night stay (check in and out times can be arranged around your flights)
  • 5 one-hour healing sessions. To see the healing modalities go to Dolphinhealingtouch.com
  • 5 swim excursions (snorkel gear not included)
  • 5 meditation/debrief/discussions
  • Hawaiian Breakfast served around dietary restrictions (please arrange before your arrival)

Or you can create your own package depending on your length of stay. Some of the options include: 

  • Daily sessions starting at just $100/hour with a single therapist. Add a therapist for multiple hands-on-therapy for an additional $100/therapist. (This is valuable for extensive physical problems or can just speed your healing.)
  • Ionic footbaths for detoxing heavy metals and other toxins from your body at just $45/session.
  • Cleanses or fasts can be provided depending on products and food provided. A consultation with Nancy can provide the best cleanse for you depending on sensitivities and health issues.
  • Swim assisting can be arranged.
  • Outside providers can also be arranged.
  • Bring your family for family therapy or just allow them to enjoy themselves while you treat yourself to health.

*Veterans and their families receive a discount. Nancy has worked with symptoms of PTSD and feels the importance of healing the deep wounds of war. It is so important because it impacts not only those who have served but their families and those around them as well.