Mission Statement

Alakea is a Hawaiian word that means white path or white road. The deeper meaning of this is walking your life path with integrity and love to your greatest potential for all things. It is the mission of the Alakea Healing Retreat to provide a safe, holistic setting for all who come for balancing of their whole being, including the physical, spiritual and emotional aspects of self. 

About Nancy Emery

I am an Advanced Practice Registered Nurse with a specialty as a Family Nurse Practitioner. I have more than 35 years of experience in the medical field that includes emergency medicine, mental health, family practice, refugee health, and drug and alcohol treatment. In 1996, I opened Dolphin Healing Touch, and began a private practice working in alternative therapies. 

Born and raised in Milwaukie, Oregon a small city just south of Portland, I grew up living close to water. An avid swimmer, I enjoyed the lakes, rivers, and even the unheated swimming pools of Oregon. The outdoors, including camping and hiking, were part of my life, always living in the shadow of Mt. Hood. From an early life I have felt like I have always been a mermaid and the water was home. 

At a conference in the late 90's, I heard about how therapists had worked with dolphins in treating their patients and a special energy went throughout my body. I was able to work with the dolphins at an Upledger Institute treatment program in the Bahamas. The dolphins are always with me whether I am in the water or not.

I moved to the island of Hawaii in 2001 to enjoy the water, sunshine, and the beauty and culture that is Hawaii. I have worked at Kona Community Hospital on the psychiatric unit and have continued my private practice of Dolphin Healing Touch.

I am a strong intuitive and have studied psychic and energetic medicine for many years. By blending the gentle modalities of Cranio-Sacral, Lymphatic Drainage, and Visceral, with Heart Centered and other deep emotional therapies, people have transformed their lives. My belief is that by empowering people to take better care of their health, rather than trying to fix them, they become healthier. The result of lifelong patterns of dis-ease are transformed; changing, reducing, or in some cases, ending reliance on long-term medications and treatments. 

In 2005, I began offering gentle detox options to remove heavy metals and chemical toxicity, assisting the body to run at a higher performance of health and vitality. I became aware of the heavy chemical load that we all carry and the health problems that are increasing in the world because of the misuse of the earth. The dumping of toxic substances into our soil, waterways and the air we breathe, and also the use of pesticides, herbicides, and chemical fertilizers in our food source all contribute to our body's inability to stay healthy and early aging.

Throughout my career, I have led meditation groups and taught a variety of classes to both medical professionals and people of all walks of life.